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Turner Nelson is a Los Angeles based landscape/event photographer. He is determined and motivated to provide his fans with beautiful and compelling images that portray his style and help express the emotions and feelings that come with every single adventure.

Turner has always had an eye for creating an image. He enjoys the beauty of things that are often overseen by the average person; lines, shapes, light formations, stars, human interaction, and texture. Paying attention to detail is his top priority: whether it be the way a river leads his eye into the sunset or how a desolate road allows him the opportunity to frame a photograph, he is always on the lookout for a sight to see. Collaboration is one of his favorite forms of art. 

"Nature speaks the most intricate of languages; every storm, every clear day, every sunset and sunrise is an emotion being spoken and expressed to us. It is my job to capture this rollercoaster of emotion that is nature." 

- Turner Nelson